Marie Frison, LCSW, ACHT 

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

Trauma Specialist (TF-CBT Certified) 

Grief and Loss Specialist 

Marie is a dedicated and experienced clinician focusing on healing trauma, loss, spiritual development, and many other personal challenges experienced in life. Marie has extensive training and expertise in the fields of trauma, child sexual abuse, LGBT, and grief related issues. She is a loving and empowering clinician with a desire to assist her clients in achieving their goals and discovering their truest selves. Marie is trained and certified  in Trauma Focused CBT, Heart Centered Hypnotherapy, and BreathTherapy to create whole mind/body/spirit healing. 

Nivea DePriest, LMSW, ACHT
Clinician / Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist

Nivea is a compassionate and innovative therapist with experience in treatment for a variety of mental health issues. She invites clients to open both spiritually and emotionally for their highest healing and bring a nonjudgmental and safe environment for healing trauma, stressors, and life issues. Nivea has specialized training in hypnotherapy and healing the deepest issues that block us from our highest potentials. 

Mark Russell, LMSW

Individual and Family Therapist

Mark is a dedicated clinician focused on the emotional and spiritual health of the client. Mark has experience working with a variety of mental health issues including substance abuse and process addiction . Mark has over 15 years of experience in the health care field and  is a member of the National Association of Social Workers.

Shanta Braylock, LCSW
Director / Child and Family Therapist / Clinical Hypnotherapist

Reiki II Practitioner 

Shanta is a compassionate therapist  with over 16 years of experience in working with children, families, and communities. She specializes in using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Play Therapy to help children transition positively as they confront difficulty issues related to behavior, family crisis, growth, and development. Shanta is trained in Intregal Breath Therapy and transpersonal  techniques focused toward creating  total healing through Mind, Body and Spirit. She welcomes clients of all ages to a safe healing space for growth and personal transformation! 

Erica Montgomery, MEd, NCC, LPC, CPT

Licensed Professional Counselor

Certified Weight Loss Specialist

​Certified Nutritionist

Reiki II Practitioner 

Heal your mind. Heal your body. Heal your spirit. Erica’s primary goal as a therapist is to help you accomplish total healing in all areas of your life. Combining a Master’s degree in counseling with additional certifications in nutrition and personal training, Erica has the tools and knowledge to assist you in reaching your highest potential for your greatest good. Every type of service she provides is based on a solid foundation of recognizing, embracing and following your own spiritual path toward your best life. Erica treats children, adolescents, and adults, in mind,  body and spirit. 

Melissa Ratliff, LCSW, ACHT, CHT

Owner / Clinician / Advanced Clinician Hypnotherapist /

Certified Release Therapist / Reiki Master / Ro-Hun Therapist / Personal Transformation Leader / Master Clinical Hypnotherapy Trainer

Psycho-Spiritual Practitioner


Melissa is a dedicated and spiritually focused clinician with over 13 years of experience in the fields of Trauma Therapy, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, and Spiritual Development. She is a teacher and trainer of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy with the Wellness Institute in Issaquah, Washington and is the Supervision Leader and Trainer for the State of Mississippi and surrounding area.  Melissa is a powerful and loving clinician with specialized training in Trauma Therapy, Subtle Energy Systems, Ro-Hun Therapies, Mind/Body Healing, and other holistic healing modalities. She welcomes those clients who want to go beyond traditional healing to the power of the Spirit to discover True Power Within. 

We are a group of professional clinicians, practitioners, spiritual and transpersonal healers, invested in our own personal growth as we bring healing to our community. 


Each member of our team is dedicated to personal growth, healing, and learning. We have a commitment to ourselves and our clients to go beyond traditional therapies and open the world to a more psycho-spiritual focus of healing. We are committed to the healing of our clients and contributing to the Light on this Planet. We are a Team, a Family, a Community and we lovingly invite you to be a part of all that we offer. 

Meet our staff

We are a family, a community, a spirit, United by one goal, to heal and learn ourselves and 

significantly contribute to the healing on this planet.