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the cost of the pti program 

$3195 total Tuition
$150 each weekend for 6 organic and fresh meals
REceive a $500 discount for paying in full 30 days prior to the first weekend! 

Insurance can cover all or part of the cost for PTI tuition. You can talk with the therapist about how much your insurance will cover. Please note that our estimate is not a guarantee of payment by insurance. You are responsible for copayment, deductibles, and any part not covered by your insurance.

The unique Personal Transformation Intensive (PTI) focuses on healing trauma, co-dependency, addictions, and limiting self beliefs; while enhancing relationships, self confidence, and empowerment.

Personal Transformation means getting down below the surface level of the roles that you play, to the deeper soul level of who you really are.

No matter where you are in your life, NOW is the time for PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION! This can be accomplished through the processes and techniques used in the PTI!

What is the PTI?

The Personal Transformation Intensive (PTI) is a powerful personal growth retreat program for anyone seeking maximum healing and wellness.

Using innovative and powerful techniques in a safe and accepting group, PTI creates healing and transformation that both compliment and go beyond individual therapy. Each weekend takes place in a beautiful and relaxing setting, allowing you solace and peace as you heal your life. During each weekend, wonderful meals are provided. You will be able to step away from daily cares to experience the benefits of these healing processes. 


How Does the PTI Work?

The PTI is structured as a five month program that meets one weekend each month from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening for a total of over 180 hours of healing work!

Two specially trained Transformational Psychotherapists facilitate each weekend. Their professional direction and positive energy provide an atmosphere of healing and growth. Participants learn techniques for healing various levels of trauma, decreasing stress and anxiety, deepening spiritual connection, gaining personal clarity, improving relationships and finances. Support between group meetings is ensured through classes and the Master Mind Process.

Experience these Powerful Techniques!

Each participant will experience the healing techniques of 

  • Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

  • Breath Therapy

  • Energetic Psychodrama

  • Guided Visualization

  • Meditation

  • Emotional Release Work

  • Chakra Balancing and Education

What are the benefits?

  • Self awareness, Acceptance, and Understanding

  • Stress Reduction/Improved Health

  • Attract Fulfilling Relationships

  • Improve Communication Skills by Learning "The Clearing Process"

  • Tools to Manifest Goals Using the Full Power of Mind, Heart, and Spirit

  • Spiritual Connection and Deepening

  • Release Self Defeating Patterns

Personal Transformation Intensives (PTI)

A Program for Personal Transformation

and Life Changing Healing